The Story Behind the Name "The Knotty Occultist" (Hint: It's Loki's Fault!)

My family has a long history of macramé, crochet, and other yarn/string/cord-based crafting. Growing up, I watched my grandmother and mother crochet afghans and tie canopies (diamond mesh netting) that they sold to local community members. I crochet, weave, and macramé on a smaller scale, and my knotwork is geared towards occult use.

As I began working with the Norse gods, specifically with Loki, I became more and more drawn to knot magic. Loki encouraged me to develop my skills in that direction, and I also had several UPGs that suggested he was strongly tied to the practice of knot magic as a whole. I started making amulets and talismans for friends to use - the most common request I got was for amulets to ward off night terrors for children.

One day, when I was making a knot talisman, a close acquaintance suggested that I could sell the talismans and amulets I made with knot magic. Until she made that suggestion, I had never even considered selling them. That suggestion sprouted the idea of the shop into my mind, and I began focusing my energy on manifesting this shop. I am one of the only occultists I know of who specialize in knot magic, which told me that I had something unique to offer.

At that point, I started thinking about names. I needed a good, solid name that really stood out and gave instant insight into the business. I spent a day writing down any and every possibility that came to me. None of them really worked. I went to sleep, not satisfied, and I was woken up in the middle of the night with the name "The Knotty Occultist" in my mind. I wrote it down and went back to sleep.

Once I woke up and thought about the name, I realized it was the perfect name. It was also the perfect pun. Since Loki is a god known for his clever use of words as well as his insatiable appetite and energy for, well... everything, I realized that he had most likely planted the suggestion for the shop's name in my head. So, the Knotty Occultist it was.

I decided that, for the shop, I would specialize in products made with knot magic. In my knot magic, I mostly use Norse cosmological numerology (intuitively understood) to create amulets and talismans. I also use astrologically powerful numbers and symbols. I am a member of the American Federation of Astrologers, currently studying for the qualifying exam to become nationally registered as an astrologer.

I make other hand-made ritual supplies as well, like travel bags/boxes and wooden runic sigils. I am a vitki, or rune priest, sworn to Odin, and I have studied runes and runic sigils for 10+ years. I am best known for my role in founding the Loki's Wyrdlings Facebook community and my roles as the Director of Loki University and the Executive Editor of Lokean Publications.

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