Magecraft and Hoodoo Collaboration

Kyaza, an experienced mage with over 20+ years of practice, combines her magic with her handmade crafting skills. Adept in knot magic, using macrame and other yarncrafts allows her to tie enchantments - or magic intentions - into every knot-based design. She also uses magecraft to augment the power of Blue's herbal recipes, which substantially reinforces their strength.

Well-stepped in the practices of Southern Hoodoo, Blue Huntington is a two-headed doctor from North Carolina. As an equal partner, she writes nearly all of the recipes for the shop's products. Because Hoodoo recipes are only shared between practitioners and family members, the shop has a strict policy against disclosing recipes.

Between Blue's Hoodoo background and Kyaza's magecraft, the metaphysical supplies they create are doubly reinforced through tradition and experience. It is this collaboration between Kyaza, as a mage, and Blue, as a two-headed doctor, that makes the shop unique. It's also queer-owned!